Before submitting a support ticket, please review the FAQ below. If you still have questions or inquiries, please email

How does work?

All it takes is 4 easy steps.start by seeing if you are qualified, register and pay the fee, complete the interview portion, and instantly download or have your forms mailed to you. If you have further questions on how the process works, please email

How much does cost?

You can get a divorce, annulment, or legal separation for $159. Evidently, this is just a small fraction of the cost of what you’ll usually spend should you try to go through the traditional document preparation process. If you would want to see a pricing comparison with other options, visit our Service Fees page.

How long does it take to complete the forms?

You can get your completed forms in just a few minutes, depending on how prepared you are to give all of the information required in the qualification and interview process. Should there be any gray areas,  you can stop to talk to your spouse first and come back at a later time. The moment you come back, you will start right where you left off.

Can I make changes to my answers?

Definitely! The great thing about the process is that you can log into your account and tweak the details anytime without having to start over. You are allowed unlimited edits to your forms.

Where can I use these forms?

We want everything to be readily laid out for you, so we make sure that all our forms are updated. This allows you to enjoy the service without having to worry about rejected documents. When you fill out your paperwork, you choose a state or province to see if you qualify to file there, to save time in having to figure out if your forms will be accepted by your local court.

How long will the court process take?

The length of the court process would depend on the workload of your local court. Courts that have minimal caseloads to take care of would be able to finalize your divorce, annulment or legal separation in a week or so. However, for courts that are busy with numerous cases, the process could take months.

Do you issue legal advice?

We only provide the forms that you’ll be needing for the divorce, annulment or legal separation process. If there are other legal concerns that’s slowing you down, then we suggest that you talk to a local attorney. We are not authorized to provide legal advice.

Do you have technical support?

Due to the fact we want to ensure that the process is as seamless for you as possible, we have put a technical team in place, ready to answer your questions and extend all the help they can give. If you need assistance, please email

Do you cover court filing fees?

No, does not cover court filing fees. Local courts have different fees. You may contact your local court to get an estimate.