Annulment is often the option chosen by couples who just want to forget the marriage ever happened. This could be because of an extreme emotional or mental trauma, or it could also be due to a few technicalities surrounding the union.

To get a better handle of whether this is the right option for you, it is important to know what annulment is all about. Find out how different it is from a divorce or legal separation to see if this really is the best solution for you and your spouse. Once you have an overview of what happens during an annulment, you’ll be in a better position to decide whether this is what you really want or not.

Understanding Annulment

Unlike divorce or legal separation, an annulment declares the marital union to be null and void. It implies that the marriage never happened, or was never valid. Because it does not just seek for the marriage to end but actually aims to nullify it, there is a lot of work to be done as compared to a divorce or legal separation.

Couples filing for annulment can use the following reasons as basis for their decision:

  •        Bigamy
  •        Forced consent
  •        Fraud
  •        Mental incapacity or illness
  •        Underage marriage
  •        Inability to consummate marriage

An annulment is often more expensive. The process is also longer and more complicated.

The Downside to an Annulment

A lot of people fear the emotional seesaw that a divorce brings. But in reality, the pain is often greater when it comes to annulment. A divorce can be done quickly and with as little conflict as possible. As long as you and your spouse agree to the different conditions set (such as child support, property division, etc.), a divorce could be unbelievably seamless. From there, you can start rebuilding your life and start moving forward.

In an annulment however, it is a requirement for both parties to appear before the court and testify against each other. You would have to unlock and unveil every secret that has been swept under the rug. Every skeleton in the closet will be revealed. This is because the grounds have to be great for an annulment to push through. Without a heavy enough reason, it may not be approved.

This is precisely why one has to understand the repercussions that an annulment brings. It is not as simple as you think, and one needs to be prepared mentally, physically, emotionally and financially to go through it.

Why Annulment Might Be for You

It is understandable why some people choose annulment. They often need a fresh start and would not want to remember that the marriage actually happened. For one things, property and asset division is less complicated when it comes to an annulment. Remember that because the marriage never really happened after an annulment has been finalized, the other person would have no right to your property. Child custody is often less complicated in the case of an annulment as well.

Spousal support would also not be an issue. Because there never was a marriage to begin with, the other party would not be able to get any kind of support from you, as compared to certain cases of divorce.

Try to assess your situation and see if this is the right option for you. Compare it with legal separation and divorce and see how each would turn out. If you believe that annulment would be the best option for you, then let us know what you need. If this is the option that you prefer, the team can help walk you through the process.