Divorce is often the primary choice for couples who want to end their marriage. In fact, 40-50% of first marriages end in divorce, while 60% of second marriages also end the same way.

If you feel that you are also heading towards this path, it is better to understand what divorce is all about to make sure you are making the right decision.

Understanding Divorce

Divorce terminates a marital union and reorganizes or cancels the duties and responsibilities of both parties involved. Unlike annulment, the divorce process acknowledges that a marriage indeed took place. However, due to the circumstances, the union will now be legally dissolved.

Couples file for a divorce for different reasons. The most common are:

1. Marrying at an extremely early age

Couples who are in their teens are more likely to get divorced than those who are aged 22 and above. They do not have the mental, emotional and financial maturity yet, leading to a lot of conflicts within the marriage.

2. Lack of education

Research shows that couple with at least some college education are less likely to get divorced compared to those who did not finish high school.

3. Low income

Finances are one of the most common sources of fights within a marriage. When under a tight budget, couples tend to fight more often, eventually leading to irreconcilable differences. This eventually leads to divorce.

4. Living in before the marriage

It appears that couples who were already living in before they got married has more chances of ending up getting divorced. Researchers believe that the experience of living together makes two people less committed to the idea of marriage.

5. Premarital pregnancy

37% of children in the US are born to unwed parents. Unfortunately, getting married at this stage does not always solve future problems. In fact, the chances of divorce are higher in this situation.

6. Lack of religious affiliation

Married couple who have strong religious beliefs have higher chances of sticking it out despite marital issues. Because churches often honor the sanctity of marriage, couples who are obedient to religious teachings would rather try to work it out than end it.

7. History of divorce in family

People whose parents are also divorced often have a more lenient attitude towards it. Although a lot of couples say that they’ll avoid the mistakes their parents did, the trauma of experiencing a hurtful divorce in the past makes either or both parties more likely to give up right away rather than endure more fighting.

8. Insecurities

When one or both parties have insecurities in any form, they are also more likely to create conflict over the smallest things. Because of this, the chances of divorce are also higher.

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