When comparing other online divorce services and most attorneys to our online divorce service, you will find that they along with us do offer FREE qualification and registration — but there are some clear filing fee or price differentiators that are really going to set our service apart.

The first is that some providers of divorce documentation preparation services will only offer this free qualification and registration for a specific state. If you are lucky, they might cover most or all of the 50 states — but it is rare to find a service that covers all 50 U.S. states as well as Canada provinces.

Another area we differentiate ourselves in is our guarantee. Ready Divorce offers 100% court approved money back guarantee. Most attorneys will not offer this, so it really is beneficial to choose an online service when preparing to file for a divorce, annulment or legal separation.

Last, but not least, we display a realistic price for divorce preparation. Most attorneys will be substantially more expensive to hire to do the same work that Ready Divorce will do for you. There may be cheaper services out there in comparison with Ready Divorce, but our other differentiators that you can see on our Compare page offer more value than the price we charge.

For $159.00 (USD), we will do the work for you CORRECTLY the first time. Save your money and receive your completed forms in the comforts of your home without overpaying a fat-cat divorce lawyer to do the same. The best part is there are NO HIDDEN FEES and the price stays the same no matter your situation — so you aren’t having to pay additional costs that might otherwise be tacked on to complete paperwork for your specific case.

If you want a realistic view of where Ready Divorce falls on the pricing spectrum of divorce documentation preparation services, see the below chart below.

Service Provided Most Online Divorce Sites Most Attorneys ReadyDivorce.com
Free Qualification and Registration Yes Yes Yes
Free Qualification and Registration in ANY State or Province Most States. No Provinces. Some States. No Provinces. All States. All Provinces.
100% Court Approved Money Back Guarantee Yes No Yes
Non-Inflated Price for Divorce Preparation Fairly Priced Expensive Fairly Priced
Price for Divorce Document Preparation Service $149-$299 $1,295-$4,125 $159

Going through a divorce can be incredibly expensive without having to add to your costs for preparation of your paperwork. If you go to someone who doesn’t offer a 100% guarantee and they make a mistake, you end up having to pay for their mistakes by paying them an additional fee or going to another attorney to get the job done. With an entire team completing the same task, you can ensure your costs are minimized where they can be.

We accept checks and all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) as payment methods for our service. By using our online divorce documentation preparation service, you can get help with your divorce papers inexpensively.