About Our Guarantee

The ReadyDivorce.com divorce, legal separation, or annulment forms preparation service guarantees that we will complete and deliver the divorce, annulment or legal separation forms you require to obtain a divorce, annulment, or legal separation in your state or province of filing. ReadyDivorce.com guarantees the divorce, annulment or legal separation forms will be the most up-to-date versions of your province’s or state’s paperwork, accurately completed per your specifications and answers, and accepted by the court.

If any forms completed by ReadyDivorce.com are rejected by the court because of an error or mistake on the part of ReadyDivorce.com, we guarantee to correct the forms, or issue a 100% refund. We ask that our customers first give us the chance to correct or fix any errors or issues with your paperwork before issuing a refund. We want to help you, our customer, first and foremost — so why go through all the work just to quit before any corrections can be made?

That said, if a full refund is necessary, we guarantee to provide our customers with a refund NO GREATER THAN 120 DAYS AFTER THE INITIAL DATE OF PAYMENT. We are unable to issue any refunds after 120 days.

Please see the Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer for more information regarding this policy.