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The moment you make the decision to get divorced

One of the first things you think about would be security. How would you be able to retain custody of the kids? How can you secure a fair share of your belongings? How can you make sure your soon-to-be ex does not cheat you out of anything you deserve to have? These were my exact thoughts when I found I was so afraid of losing everything. But the moment I signed up for the service, I knew I made the right choice.

The Ready Divorce team was there for anything I needed. They were very professional, and I still can’t get over how seamless the process was. You say getting all the paperwork together for your divorce took forever? Well, guess what? The Ready Divorce team had all my paperwork done in an hour.

The assistance they gave was really helpful in giving me the time and space I needed to start getting back on track with my life. Because they had everything done in such a short time, I was ready to start moving on at a time when other people would still be buried under a pile of paperwork.

The cost? I don’t even want to think about how much money I could have wasted had I used some overpriced attorney. The Ready Divorce team stayed true to their word and their promise of security and professionalism. The little money I paid is more than fair for the service I received.

Great job, Ready Divorce!

– Jonathan from Chicago

Do you know how divorce feels like?

It sucks the life right out of you, draining you in so many ways. I was tired, I was confused, and I knew that I needed money to get it done. When I found Ready Divorce, I was hesitant at first. But when I experienced the kind of professionalism and security they gave me, I knew these were the people I wanted to deal with.

The Ready Divorce team’s process was smoother than anything. I had quite a lot of questions at the start, which was understandable, considering how shocked I was at their low rates and their claim that they can have everything done in no time. They answered all of my questions, and even threw in some additional information that helped me understand the process more. I asked around too, and compared rates with traditional divorce lawyers — no contest there. Ready Divorce beats them in terms of convenience, ease, and privacy hands down. Not to mention price!

This is why I felt even more secure the more they accommodated all my queries. I understood everything they said. They laid everything out to me. By the end of the process, I knew I’ve been dealing with divorce experts the entire time.

What I really liked about the entire experience is the low cost. The service given to me was definitely worth more than I paid. The fact that they had all my paperwork done in just over an hour is proof enough of that fact.

Kudos to the Ready Divorce team for a job well done. You guys were the most professional people I have ever dealt with, bar none.

– James from Jonesboro

Divorce is a serious matter, and it needs to be taken seriously.

This was my first thought when I decided to file for a divorce. Of course, I wanted to find someone who could help me out with the entire process, someone who was going to take this as seriously as I was. That’s exactly what I found in

To be honest, I wasn’t really sold on the idea of trusting something like this online at first. I mean, anybody’s first instinct would be to call a lawyer. After all, divorce is a legal procedure, right? But once I started asking questions, my mind suddenly changed. I knew right away that the people I was talking to are real experts in the field. They were professionals, and they really wanted to help.

Once all of my doubts were pushed aside and all my questions answered, I signed up and started to go through the short interview. They took all the important details they needed. And that was it. They took care of everything for me and made sure that all of my paperwork was in order. It’s interesting to note that it was the finalization of the court process that took some time to complete, as they had a long list of other divorces to take care of. But as for Ready Divorce’s part, it took less than a day to complete. And that in itself is astounding.

Was it worth it? It definitely was! The amount I shelled out was far lower than what a lawyer would have cost. Seeing that I got even better assistance and amazing advice from the people at Ready Divorce, I would say it was worth every penny I paid.

Thank you, Ready Divorce. You guys made an already difficult situation much easier with your professional assistance.

– Grace, Reno, Nevada